Looking back on Donald Trumps “America First” presidency, and comparing it to Joe Biden’s and the democrats policies of (destroying America), born mainly out of hatred for the “Mean Tweeting Bad Orange Man” and “them” never being able to rise above the valuable substance of his policies and decisions; and only focusing on the “way he said things” is an alarming and amazing phenomenon to think upon … Have many become so power-hungry, that they are willing to sacrifice America for their comparatively petty, puny, selfish agendas? … At the same time having no awareness that they are pawns in a diabolical Satanic scheme “in and of” a spiritual, biblical, “last days, and end times prophecy”… The culmination of the ancient struggle between God and the devil, good and evil … Most are apathetic that the goals and struggles of the spirit world are manifesting in their lives, decisions and agendas? … Most are unaware of the strange play between God’ sovereignty, His perfect will, as it interacts and is entangled in humanities “freewill” ... It’s all very mysterious in my opinion …

For further understanding and discernment study, Calvinism and Arminianism ... Very enlightening … This post was written wholly by Frank Payton …

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