People in this world are dying in the usual ways, some of diseases, some of accidents, some of old age … There is really no new way to die under the sun …

But there is lying about “cause of death” for agenda purposes … For trying to manipulate and control the masses for heinous ungodly reasons … Many examples in our past include Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot … And others …”

So what do you think, what should we think about this whole Covid vaccine debacle? … What should we think is the truth about its origination and determined goal? … What should we think about the United States of America, or individuals such as Anthony Fauci and/or Bill Gates, funding “gain of function” concerning the deadliness of viruses? What should we think about someone who was in a motorcycle accident and the cause of death was listed as Covid? … How many of the Covid death numbers have actually been manipulated by those in power, such as Cuomo of New York, and many others in positions of power? … When did American citizens, and veterans become far less important than illegal immigrants? bringing into the country, illegal drugs, human and especially child trafficking, and a host of diseases, etc?… And “how informed” are these people that are coming into our country illegally?… Do most or any of them realize that they are escaping one form of suppression, oppression, and Marxist / Jihadist – Caliphate oriented government and entering a country ( America), that is hell-bent (by this current administration) on becoming exactly what they are escaping from? It’s desperation, I guess ... Also, it’s the awareness of the promise of the American government placing illegals over the average American citizen, and the promise of the government to take total care of them … at the taxpayer’s expense … Don’t they know that our government views them as little more than “cattle that can vote?”

I submit that the Covid vaccine is not about the vaccine itself … I compare it to a woman’s supposed right to “freedom of choice” concerning abortion … Or put another way, what they have a right to do or not do with “their” bodies … How come people that don’t want to take the vaccine have little or no rights concerning what they want to put in, or done to their bodies? So our culture thinks it’s OK for a woman to arguably, legally “murder” a baby growing inside of them, but again the same culture believes there are little or no rights when it comes to what is injected into their bodies? … Go figure! … So many people in this country are just completely lost … We are paying a heavy price due to the decades or more old indoctrination of our young in our schools and universities … They have been very successful … The Chinese, the Koreans, the Iranians, and the Russians have a close eye on us here in America, wake up and beware … America’s demise is slowly becoming a painful, seemingly unstoppable reality … Frank …

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