The death knell bell, ringing as “postmodernism” in our culture and society is “There are no absolute truths” … Government of late, especially on the democratic ‘progressive regressive side’ is, that “we will make things up as we go”… And since there are no absolute truths, there is no God, If no God, no responsibility or accountability … It’s just a bloody free-for-all, as far as some in government are concerned … This is the logic of the “left” and the countless number people in the world… This is American Marxism standing at our front doors … working in our classrooms and universities … being put forth in this democratic led “Infrastructure Bill” … etc.

Further: Reference Hosea 4:6 … “My people are destroyed, ( or perish”, deeper meaning, “cease to existfor lack of knowledge… [ Alex Mcfarland, Bert Harper, AFA AFR … Quite simply put, “man” in his fallen nature is inclined to reject the wisdom and knowledge of God … Rejecting it to a point, that God oftentimes just gives them over to their evil desires … And they become of a reprobate mind … Good is evil, evil is good … To some, there is literally no difference … Without absolute truth, law and order, we are doomed … Have you ever asked yourself why, no one in the democratic party is hardly ever charged for any of the heinous crimes,that have been going on for over two decades?… ie: BARACK OBAMA … Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe and Hunter Biden, The DOJ, FBI, many liberal judges in our court systems, others ( A list as long as a football field) … ALL mentioned and more, are merely smooth well-dressed criminals, pushing climate change, the NWO and globalism … All to usher in, the prophesied great beast, waiting in the wings, for all the world to unite and finally develop … Then enters Satan, in his final role as Anti-Christ … We better get wise folks, time is short … Frank …

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