Just because someone tells you to do something doesn’t mean you should do it … Especially if that someone is in a position of power, say politics or THE SNAKE media cancer, like CNN, MSNBC, including many others, ( I often wonder how many of these news outlets are bought and paid for by the mostly ill-gotten, filthy money of George Soros?) … Attention! the masses have to unmask their words to find “the agenda” … There is always an agenda, almost always anyway.

Do you think the mandates for wearing masks is based on “real accurate science” or someone’s, some power’s “bought and paid for agenda science?”

Through the influence of the dark powers in the spirit world that are circling around us everywhere; it’s easy to promote a lie, and tell it often enough, so that it appears to be the truth … Hillary Clinton and her gang are a perfect example of this … One just has to get to the heart of the matter in/of the real perpetrators and participants in the Russian collusion debacle …

I am very troubled and alarmed that people aren’t fully aware of what’s really going on with COMPLIANCE in this country, and the world …

In a nutshell, how far is COMPLIANCE with “wearing a mask” ( which by the way, the scientific evidence does not fully deny or support the wearing of) to mandating all people with birth defects, or that don’t agree with progressive, aggressive, regressive “American Marxism” [Mark Levin’s book] OR OTHER … that is now present in our government being eliminated, canceled, or murdered? Hmmm … This whole Covid 19 is not about wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask, do whatever you want, whatever makes you feel good … However ‘My voice in the wilderness is here to tell you that it’s all about us giving up our rights, a little bit at a time … All under the lie of doing this to “support everyone.”… REALLY? … Or is it to see how far the 1% of the elitists, the NWO, CDC, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, THE GLOBALISTS, AGENDA 2030, & THE DEMOCRATS that want to control 99℅ of everything, and everyone, can push people? … Can we put you in indoctrination camps, if you don’t goose-step in rhythm, and in line with the climate change agenda? … Should we believe in climate change, although C02 is plant food? … And the original intention of Al Gore’s climate agenda was through controlling and manipulating the economy and businesses, through money-making regulations … The money funneling to the few that make the laws and enforce them … Frank …

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