John Kennedy (R) Louisiana Senator: Paraphrased — The deplorable of Virginia have spoken. A Question from the interviewer to Senator Kennedy: “Do you think the election of newcomer Republican Glenn Youngkin will wake up the democrats to the fact that a new majority of Americans are sick and tired of Washington DC politicians and the rise of American Marxism?” First, ‘My comment’: ( It seems like a line in the sand has been drawn, and it revolves around our “children and their education” … Not to mention Biden’s long list of tactics to destroy America) … ie: Bidens blunders, the loss of our energy independence, through his pure hatred of Donald Trump … Canceling the pipeline, begging for American oil businesses to decrease oil production, and begging OPEC to increase production, (This is asinine.) … Then we have the border crisis, supply chain nightmares and inflation, and down the toilet, we go … So this is John Kennedy’s comical line concerning the reaction and effect on the democrats to the Youngkin election in Virginia … “I don’t think the election of Youngkin in Virginia will phase the democratic’s plan to try and destroy America by various tactics.” ( Paraphrased and continuing he said), ‘They will continue to stuff as many diapers as they can down the toilet.’ … Frank … Hee haw!

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