When each of us came into this world, we had no idea, what was waiting for us, the good, the bad, and the ugly … We had no idea as babies ( I don’t think) that we were gonna be spinning on a beautiful rock in space. ( In our youth, the earth mostly seemed like paradise, at least to me ) … Life seemed so beautiful, and we had no idea that death was waiting for us, and why this condition had to be. Unbeknownst to us, (unless made aware by something or someone) both God and the devil were scheming/ competing for our souls. We had no idea how important dogs would be, and the animal kingdom, in general, ( I believe we pretty much can get unconditional love from two places, that is either God, dogs, or other animals. We had no idea that death would take everyone we know and everything that we love over time, which would eventually take us … As we grow older, I think we learn that death is not so bad … ( especially if we have made our peace with our creator.) In theory, it’s probably welcomed once the body starts to fade and fail … Sometimes I think that the “long sleep of death” would not be so bad, be it filled with dreams of a future life. So, I have come to view this life as preparation for an eternal state of life. We believe that we can’t take anything with us from this life to the next. I often wonder if we will be able to take memories, then I think again that bad memories might not have a place in eternity, and for the good memories we would probably long for who, what or where, produced these memories, or maybe we just won’t want or need to remember. Time will tell. Frank.

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