I would like to talk about some things that are hardly mainstream in our thought processes, that is for most of us anyway … I find this type of thing common in my thought processes. Have you ever thought about the possibility that once you have consciousness, you will never totally lose it, of course it’s possible if you get drunk and pass out, or when you’re sleeping, etc … Science proves that a lot is going on in our sub-conscience, but I want to talk about our consciousness. I would like to tell you in case you don’t know, that when you die it is not the end … In fact, it’s a truer beginning. Truer in the sense of it not being temporary like life on earth, but eternal in the new heaven and new earth. So don’t take it from me, although I know what I’m talking about. You might want to read Luke chapter 16, the story of the “Rich man and Lazarus.” Without ruining and giving away all the vitals of Luke chapter 16, I will say, it’s all about consciousness and awareness after we die. The rich man and Lazarus both went to “Paradise”. But one of the main things learned from the reading chapter 16, is that we find out there are two sides to paradise. One is Abraham’s bosom. Then we learn there is a gulf, which can’t be crossed, between Abraham’s bosom and “the wrong side of paradise”, which is a sort of prison or holding place for final judgment, which would be the ‘great white throne judgment’ at the end of the millennium, which is commonly called the1000 reign of Christ. The 1000 year reign will take place from the New Holy City in Jerusalem, which will fall from the sky. There will be a cube extending 1500 miles into outer space, and it will either touch down on earth, or be just hovering above the earthly Jerusalem on earth. This is a fascinating study, if you want to know what’s coming, that is according to scripture.

To conclude, I believe it is true and that scripture supports once God has made us, we have eternal consciousness because we are made in His image, as He is an eternal spirit. This is true whether we support it or not, believe it or not, like it or not. We will live eternally, only God has the power to snuff you out completely. We do have great hope, in that God’s word has promised He will snuff out Satan once and for all. Things are so chaotic and horrible now because this is his season, but it will be short-lived. Get and keep the faith. It’s all that we have left to hold on to. IMHO, Frank

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