The trouble was started by a young Errol Flynn.” — Lines from the great Genesis song, Blood On The Rooftops.

Reflecting on my youth, hindsight shows me that my celebrity mindset started as a young boy doing well in sports, realizing the acceptance and approval that came with it.

I think as we get older, (my search began in my early teenage years), we start to think about things differently, including what does success and peace really mean. If we haven’t done so in our earlier stages of life, we start to ask the age-old questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? , Why am I on a spinning rock in space? , am I “here” by intelligent design and will … Or, is my consciousness and existence, the result of some random, chaotic evolutionary crapshoot? …

Further, included in the question, where did I come from? , and why am I here?, comes THE question about the existence of God. ALSO, is there more to life than this physical experience on earth, Are there eternal consequences for my ‘arrived at’ world view and belief system? … In other words, how have I responded to this gift of life, (It really does matter if we view life as a gift, this potentially changes everything.)

Continuing, and getting to the heart of the matter with this post. I contend that the celebrity mindset tends to create victims out of all of us. [In saying this, I mean “the elitists” try to program the masses and put us down for being “everyday people”, and if a person is just normal, they are somehow defective.] The cry, the demand if you will, from Hollywood, politicians and the media, concerning Political correctness, Cancel culture, Critical Race Theory, and the lie that “white people are devils, and should tell the world that they are sorry for being white, is heinous.” This is a Satanic spirit of division, that is ungodly, and we just can’t afford to have, if we are going to succeed as a race … The way it looks now, Rome is and has been on fire, And we all stand around pointing fingers at each other.

It seems to me, that the “celebrity mindset” is just a pure hindrance to becoming ‘who we really are’ … It is a trip down a rabbit hole and an expectation that is a bridge too far for the majority of people. And it seems to me that only so much happiness comes from being rich and famous. It seems that most people that are rich and famous, consider themselves to only be as good as their last movie, song, or piece of artwork. Oftentimes, success lands them directly in rehabilitation for alcohol and drug abuse. All in a desperate effort to maintain that false high.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a good time just as much as the next person … And I’m not so stiff and legalistic that I can’t enjoy a good drink, a good joke, And the like … But maybe it’s because I’m older, and find things like reading a book and seeking after peace and calmness, “just being still”, among the activities that make me happiest. Post by Frank Payton, the little raven. ” Life is short, don’t miss who you really are, by making more of yourself than you ought to.” Quote by me.

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