A recent story — A black man wanted to go to medical school, which generally requires a 3.7 GPA. This applicant carried a 3.1. To dispel some of the current false beliefs about Critical racism, he sent in dual applications to some universities. These applications were identical except for the race identity. One application claimed he was white and one claimed he was black. The applications as a black man were almost unanimously accepted over the ones as a white man. This person who will go unnamed at this point, became aware of other similarly treated applicants who were Asian. Long story short, the white people and the Asians we’re being discriminated against. This particular black man was accepted at the 3rd and 4th best medical universities in America. “So trying to be fair, at least as far as critical race theory goes, at the University applicant level” the main victims are really white people and Asians … Frank.

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