I think this will be a new endeavor of mine to pass on to my readers, what I consider to be some of the best quotes or paragraphs ever. This first one is by the great Mark R. Levin, from his million-plus seller book– AMERICAN MARXISM. If you want to be enlightened this book is a must-have. If you don’t want to be enlightened, “Sleep on sweet Charlotte.” The paragraph follows.

Of course, capitalism is a spontaneous form of commerce arising from individuals voluntarily entering into economic relationships. It is not a planned economic system imposed on people by a governmental regime. Authority, social engineering, grandiose plans, etc., can only “work” if imposed on the population, which requires usurping the very foundation of America’s purpose. Constitutionalism and capitalism limit the role or possibility of centralized authoritarianism and, conversely, empower the individual within the framework of the civil society. As such, they are utterly incompatible with Marxism and Marxism’s offspring — progressives, which seek the widest latitude over the development and future state of society. The party controls the government and the government controls the society. There is little room for philosophical or political diversity.

Folks, I want to pose a question. Are we not currently in our society and under this present lawless Biden ( note: BIDEN or in Hebrew, BDN — (no vowels, means Alas! Judgment ) administration “living out” what our government is currently trying to do to us? *”There is nothing new under the sun” — *The book of Ecclesiastes. I don’t think I need to discuss the atrocities of World War I, World War II, smaller *conflicts around the world over the decades ( *IMHO, some righteous, others not) that the United States has been involved in. The bigger question is, can we humans ever rise above ourselves, and realize that the enemy we are currently facing comes from within ( our world views, belief systems, ideologies determine our actions), both in ourselves and in others. We need to remember that what happens in the spiritual world first, manifests in our physical world. Whether we are aware of it or refuse to acknowledge it, we are “spirit beings in physical bodies.” This whole thing is a temporary detour here on planet earth. Without going into details, (coming Tribulation) things have to get much worse before they can get better. This truth is not some great idea or a vision of mine, it is directly out of The Bible … Excuse me for being “exclusive” and offensive to some, but I’m just lining myself up with the Word of God. What is your stance, belief, and story? What are your standards?

Thanks to Mark Levin, who always inspires me to my deeper self. Frankie, The Earthman.


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