Just a quick squawk. About these people ( morons) harassing Joe Manchin in a parking lot that he was trying to exit, chatting “we want to live”… What you walking dead morons don’t realize is that spending on the climate change hoax is not gonna save you, and it’s incapable of saving the planet, the planet doesn’t need saving, get that through your thick moronic heads. The money’s allocated by allocated by Congress’s infrastructure bill bill is to line congress congressmen and senators pockets, don’t you get that? (Also, just because money is allocated for say bridges and roads, doesn’t mean that the money will necessarily go for that, “they” use it wherever the hell they want to ) Go gather together and yell and scream about your rainbow hair, or your purple hair, or your pink hair, or your pubic hair, I don’t really care … Frankie The Earth’s man.

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