FEAR PARALYZES — WHEN CONSUMED BY FEAR WE LOSE CONTROL — When we lose control of something, someone or something gains control — I am gonna hold up in front of you with words, the garment that is being prepared for you, me, and all of us if we let the Marxists place it upon us. (The garment is a tight-fitting, tailor-made, all consuming, all-controlling STRAIGHT JACKET, designed by our own elected officials, Democrats, Republicans, then enforced by appointed corrupt judges across this land. “Through the fear of Covid, economic manipulation, the purposeful destruction of livelihoods, and generally pushing the masses towards government dependence, we Americans find ourselves in an all-out war against our government”, A government that takes our hard-earned tax money and uses it to destroy us.

I know, I must sound like a broken record at times. But some of us are consumed in our “natural understanding” of the world, we need, and “must” get to spiritual matters, and we need to get spiritual and in touch with God very quickly. Wake up! Frankie The Earthman.

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