Sometimes, I wonder if an Exorcism would help Joe Biden in the least. I think Kamala Harris would enjoy the endeavor a little too much. I mean she’s already a master of that devilish “Joker” smile, (only topped by the great Jack Nicholson) and she’s just itching to spit green pea soup at all Americans especially conservatives.

Where have you gone Austin Powers?, our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you …

I’m sure by now, most everybody is concerned and horrified by what Joe Biden ( and all the democratic “ass clowns” behind the “Wizard Of Oz curtain” who are really running the show) are trying to do to this country. It’s called DECONSTRUCTION, in the full meaning and measure of the word. To build back better we must first deconstruct.

But it gets uglier and much worse. Here is how I view the whole thing in my mind, that is, “what Joe Biden is actually doing to this country.” He is driving a big old nasty, dirty, stinkin’ trash truck, ( The first thing to go in the back of the trash truck was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,), painted on the side of the truck is “Coming to your neighborhood soon” (As he stutters and yells over the speaker system of his truck) ,”We will be coming for your guns, your bibles, your American flags, pictures of Donald Trump and, Oh! I almost forgot, your children.”

But hold on friends, it gets worse and even uglier. On the spiritual side of things, the offense is also horrible and heinous. What Joe Biden wants to do is take away your God-given inalienable right to the convictions of your conscience. To further the attack, using covid vaccines as a weapon, he wants you to choose between your freedom and your livelihood, pushing these crushing mandates. Also, to make sure we understand the full extent of the evil, Joe’s attack gets very personal. How in the world can a person have freedom if they don’t have a livelihood? Joe Biden is “President Evil.”

See, obviously President Evil has an agenda, and the agenda is to eliminate the current makeup of Americans in this country, (conservative, white, Christian, the rich, and distribute their wealth, and replace them with illegal democratic supporting aliens. Your informed, friendly, freedom-loving, Frankie The Earthman. Shhh! “I used to run with Spiderman.” … (smirk)

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