I am going to lose my identity as a racist white American. I am going to change the color of my skin, by getting a bucket of brown shoe polish to coat my entire body. Then, get some brown eye lenses. I will then get myself about 10 “I love Joe Biden T-shirts.” Get some raggedy-ass clothes from the Salvation Army. Then I will erase my fingerprints from off of my fingers and thumbs. I will cross the Southern border unknown to the law. I will get a pound of marijuana, put it in a backpack. I will then make sure I am arrested. (Maybe find a stray child to accompany me) Then I will be guaranteed to have it made for life because Joe Biden will give me a 1/2 a million dollars, a new house, a permanent monthly income, finally get educated for free. Also, I won’t say this too loudly, but I will never vote for him … I will just take the money and run.Frankie The Earthman

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