A lesson on how we are quickly arriving at American Marxism. Reference: MARK LEVIN– AMERICAN MRXISM– PG.46. Commentary by me. Frankie The Earthman.

OF COURSE, this is a core theme of Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx — that is, the individual must sacrifice his independence, free will, and personal pursuits to the greater good, and in that way, not only will he become more fulfilled and self-realized, but the entire community will benefit as well. In America capitalism and constitutionalism are ramparts that stand against Marxism and progressivism and, therefore, must be discredited and ultimately demolished. For the progressive, like the Marxist, economic and political power must be in the same hands, in the hands of a relative few in charge of the state. Translation, 99% work for the elitist 1%. Frankie.

Well friends, I’ve been beating the drum for quite a while about American Marxism. What can be interpreted as troubling, depressing, and alarming is that this “falling away from God” ( Apostasy) is prophesied in God’s word. Now it doesn’t include everyone, you know in your heart whether you are right with God or not, according to HIS standards. (not yours)… I have to bluntly say that your standards and your feelings will not get you very far in God’s plan. You and I either get with the program or God leaves us behind to our own devices. I didn’t make any of this up, I’m just the messenger.

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