This post inspired by Dr. Kynan Bridges in his recent podcast, this is my commentary.

So how are we being controlled today?, I say, through our politicians, through media, through friends, through religion, through fear and manipulation. and the big one, public OPINION. Controlled through propaganda and disinformation, through someone’s agenda.

Is your opinion of yourself determined by your Social Media” virtual standing? Is other people’s opinion of you determined by your virtual social popularity and following? Are real flesh and blood relationships being replaced by virtual relationships? Maybe this is at least partially true because we can “more control” the virtual, much better than we can control real life.

Have we allowed ourselves to be put in this containment box?, determined by how many followers we have on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Back to the witchcraft of opinion. We can find one example in the election of Joe Biden. Oh yes, he is going to be the “great uniter in chief.” ( great public opinion was/is such) As it turns out, he has not only divided Americans, he has done all within his Executive power to destroy America. He learned from his “daddy” Barack O’ bummer.

So, let’s go back to antiquity, in fact, to the garden of Eden, and look at the potential darkness of opinion. This is all paraphrased: After God had given Adam-and-Eve permission to eat of all the trees, all of the fruit of the garden of Eden, ( Except “the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”, Satan comes prancing along with his opinions as to what God had declared. He went on to seduce Adam-and-Eve with his opinions, his opinions were a direct challenge to the Word of God, essentially meaning a challenge/ attack to God himself. His seducation of Eve and getting her to see things his way, had grave consequences, as they actually brought death into the world and to humanity. So let’s be careful with public opinion, Let’s be careful with opinion in general. The spoken word is very powerful. The spoken word can be deadly. Put on your whole armor and protect yourself. Frankie The Earthman.

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