AS I AWOKE THIS MORNING, I was overwhelmed, as I was in my feelings. I felt as if I was in between a dream and consciousness. In this state, I was hovering over my armored soldiers body. My gear and adornment were a combination of medieval armor and modern-day outfitted warrior.

As I hovered, looking down on my stretched-out horizontal, face-up body, and upon my multiple injuries, as blood oozed from my many pierced like wounds; I realized my eyes were open, terrified, and frantically looking around. I was paralyzed.

I continued this out of body hovering, my mind trying to figure out what had happened to me. I soon realized the whole thing was symbolic of the way I felt my life was going. It was symbolic of how it seemed everything was against me. I also felt an extreme burden that it wasn’t just me, but it involved all of America and perhaps the world.

Flashing through my reviewing mind was everything negative. An American government that seemed totally out of control and bent on destroying my country and me. A president that seemed totally unprepared and apathetic about his position; about his being the leader of the free world. The president seemed to be flippant, and was wearing the clothing of a court jester. The figure was Joe Biden.

My mind and heart were desperately troubled. I also observed a shadow-type figure dressed in black standing beside Joe Biden with the face of a joker. This figure had a hideous sinister, devilish smile on her face, she seemed like a greedy weasel standing there, rubbing her hands together over and over. The image was that of Kamala Harris. The feeling came over me that she was totally useless and a fraud.

My thoughts and dire straits as I continued to hover over my body were like this. I realized this scene before I was all symbolic. I couldn’t figure out why an old man like Joe Biden, who had seemingly already lived most of his life, was hell-bent on the total destruction of the American way of life, which by the way, had supported him throughout his political career. Then appearing like a hologram were the hideous faces of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a parade of others in the Democratic Party. Bringing up the rear of this parade was the Media and Hollywood, symbolic, like two brothers or sisters hand in hand, their jackboots rising up and striking down in perfect timing against the American way. Marching against everything that America stood for.

As I continued to hover, my mind went back to my school days when I was first learning about the American government. I was remembering how the founding fathers were divinely inspired, and that the Constitution and Bill of rights seemed a real gift from God. Then, the most horrible appearance of death lowered like a garment over my outstretched body, as I hovered. As I peered down at myself, I saw my eyes roll back in my head and my body contorted and raised up and fell lifeless. I realized I had just watched America die. Then I woke up to relive the whole thing and dreaded writing about it, but as you can see, I did.

Friends, if you can’t see the grim reaper beast that is American Marxism, stretching out its sharpened razor claws, diving down to completely destroy America, then I’m afraid you are a bit off, on just what is taking place in our country. Frankie The Earthman.

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