CAN WE TALK?, I mean really talk?. Not some neighborly how-do-you-do, isn’t the weather nice kind of talk, but a serious introspection. I will introspect myself, if you will introspect you. Then again maybe you don’t even care for this kind of thing, but we’ll try.

I don’t know if you’re of this mind, but don’t you think with all the craziness going on in the world, all the injustice, all the intolerance, it’s time to ask a few questions? I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of critical race theory, political correctness, race baiting, cancel culture, government assuming it is God, and the like. I found myself growing extremely weary of the conservatives on the right, not really standing up for what they believe. It seems like the waves of Marxism are becoming overwhelming, and people are finally waking up and making a stand for what they believe in.

But, I want to ask you about yourself. What is your belief system? what is your worldview? what does it mean to you to be living out a life, your life? Can you go somewhere inside of you, and find a nugget of truth that can change your life? I know all about the theory of evolution, and the very limited teaching and worth of it. “The nugget of truth is that your life is a gift”, whether you realize it, acknowledge it, or even care about it. Of course, this is my humble but concerned opinion.

So, sit down to a cup of coffee, a soda, a beer, a couple of shots, and a beer, and become more aware of me, Frankie The Earthman. I will reveal as much of myself to you, as I deem necessary to break the deception and strongholds in your life. I have dealt with and continue to deal with the bigger issues of life on planet earth. I have a lot of experience. A lot of my experiences have been painful to me and the people in my life. I think this is true of all or most of us. But, I have “gleaned from the ‘dust up’ that is my life.”

Let’s turn the page, find another gear and accelerate, to my main point. I wish to talk about what most refer to as Religion, as they talk about God. I understand where this kind of thinking comes from, it’s been passed down from generation to generation, churches and homes in a lot of cases. I choose to refer to “The things of God” as a “personal relationship with Him.” I believe this changes everything, or it should.

Question: In all the religions and belief systems in the world, how many of them promise “eternal life” as a result of following or believing in them? I believe “the one” is Christianity. How many of the world’s religions have a teacher, priest, prophet, that even comes close to Jesus Christ? How many have history that is documented by both believers and unbelievers in antiquity? How many have a revelation as total and encompassing as the Bible is? How many have scriptures that that even come close to the mystery of the Messianic prophecies? How many have a figure like Jesus that overcame death, further, a God, that claims to have created the world, literally “spoken it into existence” and then came in to his own creation? Hmmm?


(So to conclude, Do you want to be whole as a person? Have you grown to love life so much that you want to experience it eternally with God, your creator? I’m here to tell you that I believe you will have to face him one day as I will. And we will find that he is either our “advocate or our judge.” You see, he gave you free will because he is building a family that willingly loves him. If you don’t want him, he (being heartbroken) doesn’t want you. It’s as simple as that. I will leave you with what I consider to be a very profound thought. Don’t you think it’s peculiar that in Genesis one of God’s first acts was separating “heaven from Earth” and “light from darkness?” I’m here to tap you on the shoulder and whisper in your ear that you we were not made to die originally. I would highly recommend that you start hating on Satan, because he is the one that brought death into the world, and all the destruction and misery that comes with it. Signing off, Frankie The Earthman, Can I get an Amen? I realize this might be very hard to take, but I’m a messenger, and I am waking up to my full calling, and what I believe to be the “last of the last of days.” Some of you will even want to cuss me out, well that’s your business. At least I’m not naked, hiding in the corner of a dark room, in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, and whispering ” I want my mama.” like some of you are, although I feel like it sometimes.

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