* Dewey, proclaiming what American (and all) public school systems should be. ( Congratulations, Mr. Dewey, this is what they have become in the U.S.A.), [Of course I’m being sarcastic in congratulating you.] Marx, would have been very proud of you Mr. Dewey.

Continuing — The progressive control over education, culture, and society began in 1948. Richard M. Weaver of Chicago University wrote in his book, Ideas Have Consequences, warned that education and civil society were crumbling. He wrote: “If you seek the monument to our folly, look about you.” He condemned what he rightly saw as a rejection of olden truth and faith, resulting in unimaginable inhumanity.” In our own day,” Weaver explained, “We have seen cities obliterated and ancient faiths stricken.” Weaver went on to explain that “religion begins to assume an ambiguous dignity and the question of whether it can endure at all in a world of rationalism and science has to be faced.” Born is the anomaly of “humanized religion.”

The above are excerpts from Mark R. Levin’s book, American Marxism. My Commentary Follows: I can hardly get through one paragraph, let alone one page of Mr. Levin’s book, without finding something, that I realize I should pass along to those who might not even realize the importance of this book. What is alarming to me is the current condition with the saturation and infiltration of our government, schools, culture, and society, by the Communist agenda. If you have any questions, I suggest you read the Communist Manifesto for THE plan. Another thing I find totally troubling and amazing is, that this has been going on (the infiltration that is) for some 75 years, at least. Coupled with the Communist infiltration of virtually all of America, its foundation, histories and current affairs, we have the added infiltration of the “Muslim Holy War Jihadists.” Evidence of “their” deep penetration into our government can be found in the five members known as The Squad, currently active in our Congress, including Ilhan Omar and AOC. So from my perspective, I observe a three pronged attack on the United States. We have an elected president in Joe Biden and the democratic “progressive regressive agenda” accompanied by the Communists ongoing agenda, and these being reinforced by the “Radical Muslim Jihadist agenda.” All doing everything within their power to destroy America. And it seems that half of America just “blindly skips along.”

So, you see we have a three-headed beast to contend with. Not only do we have approximately 50% of the American population, either unaware or apathetic as to what is taking place, (though this judgment is prophesied.) BIDEN IN HEBREW WITH NO VOWELS, “BDN” MEANS ALAS! JUDGMENT. Additionally, there is a scripture that says God would give us over to “strong delusion”, and we will believe the lies, (2nd Thessalonians 2:11.) One of the storms coming is INFLATION. I think I understand what Joe Biden means by “free money”, All the government has to do is print it, and hand it out. Seems like the bus is headed over the cliff. Frankie The Earthman.

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