Think of the purpose of God to plant the nation of Israel in the land God called “My Land” Ref: Ezekiel 36:5. Did Satan have a plan to have his giants infest the land of Israel to prevent the Jewish people from possessing the land? It seems Satan planted giants in the land in order to occupy the nation, so that he could maintain control of his “stolen” earth. Satan’s goal was to contaminate any offspring of the Jewish people through whom the Messiah, the Savior of the world would come. Friends, ( I hope my lessons are helping you connect the dots to what the ancient history is, so that you can better understand what the future is.) Satan’s goal was to contaminate Abraham’s “seed” when he gained the knowledge that “his seed” would one day be crushed by the “Seed of the woman” (Christ), which was to come through Abraham. Satan’s goal was to occupy Canaan with “his own seed” ahead of Abraham’s seed. Genesis 12:6 proclaims “the Canaanite was in the land.” In Genesis 12: 10-20, and Genesis 20: 1-18 We can read of Satan’s interference with Abraham’s seed before the birth of Isaac. Also reference Genesis 6: 1-4. Also, some reference to Dr. Dennis Lindsay’s Giants, Fallen Angels And The Return Of The Nephilim.

Note: There have been many discoveries of “giant hybrid remains through history. It should be no surprise that the powers that were and are, like the Smithsonian History Museum and other dark forces, hid and hide the discovery of giant skulls and remains. What you will find is the efforts of many organizations, atheists, and the like denying the existence of giants because they did not want the truth proclaimed by Genesis 6: 1- 4 and other scriptures to be confirmed by archaeological discoveries.

So, in straight forward street lingo, since the Garden of Eden, Satan had been trying to stop the arrival of the Son Of God, Jesus Christ. Note: If we care to look close enough, we can see the underpinnings of all our worldly problems. We can look beyond the deception of forces trying to keep us from truth, to find the struggle between good and evil, darkness and light, life and death, is everywhere. Human souls is the booty of either God or Satan. In Gods plan, he gave us free will to choose our eternity, either with him or Satan. CHOOSE THIS DAY, WHO YOU WILL LOVE AND SERVE. Frankie The Earthman.

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