I just had to add a few things to the previous post. It’s all about awareness friends. Look around you what is going on in this world? … Is the leader of France trying to viciously destroy the country of France? Ask the same question of Britain, Germany, even some of our big enemies like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Et cetera? The answer is a resounding NO! As far as I can perceive, the leaders of these countries are watching out for their countries and not trying to destroy them through bad policies and bad politics as blatantly as “Joey boy” is. What Joe Biden and his administration are doing is an all out war on America. I mean look at what he’s done to our previously being energy independent to a certain degree. Now he wants to close a second pipeline that has been around for decades? I guess in the name Of climate change? … He’s saving our planet, who is he saving the planet for? … the freaking aliens, and I mean the ones from outer space and crossing the border. I mean really folks, is Joe Biden an alien from another Galaxy? I didn’t know a human being could be so evil and dumb at the same time. As far as Kamala Harris goes, I know she’s from another dimension totally, from LA LA land, if you know what I mean. This devil faced woman couldn’t make decisions concerning the success of a neighborhood lemonade stand.

Remember my previous post about critical theories, “my critical theories?”, We are not fighting Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, or the democrats, or anyone who represents the democrats, anyone in a flesh blood and bone body, we are fighting “Resident Evil” that is manifesting in the flesh of these people. ( I can imagine the demons swirling around the top of the “capitol building” looking for someone to host them. ) See it manifesting in both the Democrat and Republican party, don’t be fooled, I mean can you discern 13 republicans voting for this dreadful “infrastructure bill”… and supporting open borders, all in the name of allowing cheap labor in this country. I mean who is really holding the purse strings? … I believe it’s the drug cartels. It doesn’t look like there is anyone in either the Congress or the Senate that has the balls or the vagina to stand up against the drug cartels and acknowledge the “demand for hardcore drugs in this country.” We are living a lie. The lie is that we don’t have a drug problem in every major city in the world. And it’s not just marijuana and cocaine, it’s heroin, fentanyl, and other deadly substances. We ( and our leaders) strut around with our double talk in this country like everything’s just wonderful a lot of times. I’m here to tell you it ain’t wonderful, and it’s gonna get worse.”Don’t shoot me I’m just fingering the piano.” Frankie The Earthman.

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