As you are going about the business of living your life, and trying to thrive in this disturbed, shipwreck of a world we are living in; have you noticed or discerned some things? or are you so beaten senseless by our government, the media, and the compliance of 50% of Americans towards our obvious march to Marxism, that you are half numb to the plain truth?

What truth am I talking about? The truth that Washington DC and other points of power such as New York, California, Chicago, Seattle, Minnesota, and other, have become the “Seats of satanic power.” When did it occur, that one party became completely obsessed with destroying the other party, be it Democrat or Republican?

I suggest that it found another assaulting gear, with the Presidency of Barack Obama. Having said this, the seeds in “our wicked D.C. garden”, we’re planted by Hillary Clinton, couple that with Joe Bidens succession of the Satanic agenda.

Alright friends, in case you aren’t aware, our current leadership in Washington DC, is pushing and pressing to guide us towards “one-world government” and the globalist agenda. “We can’t have a strong America, standing independent and in the way of the push for globalism.” ( quote by me) And we certainly can’t have Israel standing alone and independent on her own. Let’s see if you can cross with me a ” bridge that might seem too far.” That bridge is this: Whether anyone likes it or not, believes it, or just doesn’t give a damn; prophecy says there will be a ” one-world government and an empire in place, and in power, to roll out the red carpet for Satan himself. ( I will not tell you the scripture because I want you to study on your own.) I will leave it at this, for now, one of the key questions is, what will the role be of the United States be in these end times, and the coming tribulation which will usher in the Antichrist? God’s speed in your study. Frankie The Earthman.

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