Question: Are our court systems all the way up to the Supreme Court, being held hostage by fear? The fear stems from the radical left threatening riots if the particular case at hand does not go their way. The Texas voter fraud case back in 2020 involving Chief Justice John Roberts is old news. However, I’m not sure if it was ever determined that “the shouting match” ever took place behind sealed closed doors, (during which Chief Justice Roberts apparently influenced or tried to persuade the other justices to dismiss the Texas voter fraud case, the case cast suspicion on the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency being fraudulent, due to voter fraud, and what a supportive decision by the Supreme Court might lead to in the streets of our cities.

With that as a background, we have our most recent case involving Mr. Rittenhouse. Long story short, a “black lives matter” representative in New York recently threatened that there would be riots in the streets if Mr. Rittenhouse is not convicted.

So, is fear so rampant in this country and lawlessness the order of the day, that our court judges all the way up to the Supreme Court, cannot make rational fair decisions concerning their cases? Also since when are our judges ruling by popular public opinion and social media hype? Haven’t we had enough of the “Identity Politics”, cancel culture, CRT, etc. ravaging our culture, society, and land?

Further Comments: The prosecution lawyer in the Rittenhouse case is a sorry excuse for a lawyer. His presumptive, bullying, elitist, condescending questioning of the young Mr. Rittenhouse, is an alarming example of people in power overreaching both ethical and moral boundaries. IMHO. HOW LONG O LORD, HOW LONG? … FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN.

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