F — Teachers comments concerning Joe: ” Joe seems to be obsessed with himself, and is really the class clown. He also has an offensive habit of sniffing people’s hair, armpits, and rear end. Sometimes he will get down on all fours, and act like a dog, as he sniffs someone’s hiney. Many students complain that Joe is a constant liar, and can rarely tell the truth about anything. They said that he is always doing annoying things in the lunchroom, like stealing other students’ food, and then saying he didn’t do it. He always blames someone else. I wonder how much of this stuff Joe is learning at home? (or is he just a self-made problem child?) I am going to recommend Joe for special education and special observation for the remainder of the year. I’m really concerned about his behavior. Mrs. Gallstone, 5th grade. Frankie The Earthman.

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