SINCE MY CHILDHOOD, I have been searching, and I have been finding. I have searched for the meaning of life, and the meaning of my life. I have searched with the mind of a lawyer weighing evidence. I have searched with the mind of a child, beholding the wonder of everything. My words are written with the heart of a poet. I have thanked God for letting me live on his earth. Many years ago, I saw the error “of my ways”, of my falling short, just as God’s word says “we all fall short of the glory of God.” I learned that reconciliation with God has been provided. To receive this reconciliation we must be able to receive a gift, the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, The Prince of peace.

It’s truly a mystery to me, why man has such a hard time receiving God’s gift. I guess some can’t get their minds around God making everything so simple. ( Humans tend to complicate everything) But then again, if you think about it, things aren’t really that complicated, we humans have the misfortune of being in a fallen state. Call it fortune or misfortune, but we are also caught up in a struggle in the ancient conflict between good and evil. I’m starting to believe that few humans believe the value or reality of human souls. I’m still amazed that a lot of people do not understand that we are spirits in flesh, blood, and bone bodies. THIS LIFE IS SHORT AND TEMPORARY! Because of the conflict in heaven which has come to earth, I believe the last 2000 years plus, has been a “period of grace” for each human being born, to figure out who he or she will serve. It’s not complicated. We must make sure we are getting our fruit from the right tree, ( I’m speaking of the “tree of life” Jesus, or the “tree of the knowledge and good and evil”, Satan. Choose the spirit of life or the spirit of death. These are the choices. There are no scales used by God, to determine access to heaven by having earned salvation through “doing more good than bad” .) This is not the criteria. The criteria are whether or not you are IN CHRIST. [ Remember the death angel visiting Egypt in the days of old, the only thing that kept the firstborn of Jewish households from being killed with that of the Egyptians, was blood on the doorposts of their homes. Passover ( This was a forerunner,symbolic of the sacrificial blood of Jesus that saves believers ) I did not make the rules, but I try to order my life with them. ( I often fail.) We all have the freedom to choose. I have learned that God is either my advocate or my judge. This is what I have found. Frankie The Earthman. What have you found?

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