“Destroy mo’ betta” “Spending bill will fix inflation?” Let’s summarize some things, we are no longer energy-independent. Supply chain issues are killing us. I don’t know about you, but I might have to shop at the dollar store. Vaccine mandates destroy businesses through employee losses. What else, Uhm … uh. Gasoline, food, virtually everything up 20 to 40 ℅. Our Southern border is bracing for a second “illegal alien mad rush”, Gang members, human trafficking, and drugs all coming with the new wave of invasion, while Kamala tours Paris and cake stores. Violence spiking in major big cities. Politicians siding with criminals. Throwing trillions of dollars at everything by the government will lead to horrible, strangling inflation. Anybody with half a brain knows what inflation is gonna do, yet our administration says that “it will get better soon.” Who is it going to get better for? If I had a brain for every time Joe Biden or Kamala Harris told the truth, I would have 0 brains. Also, I believe people in the know are saying that all this money slated for “infrastructure” will go to whatever ‘Willie Nillie’ idea comes up in the democrat’ agenda. Then in 2022, when the Republicans come in and change everything, the democrats will be crying, look at everything the “right” are taking away from the people. How long O Lord, how long? On a side issue, Twitter is now suspending people for “supporting violence”, if they post their opinion in favor of Mr. Rittenhouse. And it’s early in the day. Just what we need in this country, more control by Big Tech and Social Media … So we stop and scratch our heads, take a deep breath, and realize that over 50% of Americans voted for Joe Biden. Then they dare to say they didn’t see it coming. Collectively, what the hell happened to us? There’s a thought in my head that the “hatred for Donald Trump” was/is so vicious, it can only be concluded that this hatred is in big part to blame for this mess. Finally, most people are always looking “outward”, (playing the blame game) for solutions when the real problem is the condition … the dark dreadful condition of the human heart. Frankie The Earthman.

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