American Marxism is here. Isn’t it obvious what the Biden administration is willing to sacrifice for their agenda? Isn’t it mostly true that once Joe Biden signs the infrastructure bill into law tomorrow, it will probably never go away?

So, we have an eighty-two-year-old reprobate, China-loving old buzzard for a president. Here is a man through his presidency, who is willing to sacrifice you, your business, your livelihood, your family, everything American, to get the democratic “progressive regressive” agenda up and running. It already is. Joe Biden is literally importing people at the Southern border who will kill Americans. Then “the old bitch” has the nerve to boldly say, he’s doing it for everyone’s welfare. What kind of monster have we created? Remember BIDEN in Hebrew is “BDN” (no vowels) means Alas! JUDGMENT … UH … HELLO AMERICA, WAKE UP NOW! Frankie The Earthman.

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