Nephilim ( Giants) returning to earth, are we prepared? The Bible has much to say about the current period in our history. In fact more than any other period. Some information gleaned from Dennis Lindsay’s book: Giants, Fallen Angels, And The Return of The Nephilim.

A worldwide storm is coming. The problem is global. Nuclear war seems inevitable. The Middle East is ready to explode. Europe is on the verge of collapsing economically. It looks like Joe Biden is determined to bring about the collapse of America.

America’s problem is more economic than political. Seems there is no turning back. Does Iran represent an end-time giant meltdown? Iran’s nuclear capabilities threaten not only the Middle East, but the world. A worst case scenario could be a preemptive attack on the part of Israel. Some view this as ideal with America’s support. Israel must defend itself.

The jihadists surrounding Israel in Gaza, Syria, the Sinai, Jordan, and Lebanon all have one goal, to destroy Israel. It could be Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaida, The Muslim Brotherhood, or many others. They all have one unified end goal. Birth rates among Muslims in Europe indicate it will be a short time before France and England reach a tipping point and Muslim voters will be able to elect Muslim politicians. ( Happy, happy, joy, joy,) NOT! … All done through Saria law.

The Syrian and Iranian regimes have the support of China. This is a nightmare for Israel. Satan is about to deceive the whole world. It all starts with genetic engineering … Bringing the return of hybrids, Giants, and Nephilim. Then comes the prophesied appearance of the antichrist. Coming is the full-blown Tribulation. (*Ref: Genesis 6: 1-4.) *This scripture is why the hybrids are said to be RETURNING. Frankie The Earthman.

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