Think about this story. Think about HIS story, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Come see Jesus, Come meet “The Jesus” that according to scripture, spoke the world into existence by the power of His Word. I remember my salvation experience and what an effect the claim of Jesus, “speaking the world into existence had on me.” Additionally what got my attention, is that this creator of the universe decided to put His power and position behind out of His love for mankind and mans need for reconciliation to God the Father. So, hopefully we all know the basic story, that the creator of the universe came into his own creation and was rejected by his creation. That to me, is just totally weird, But then again I understand the struggle between good and evil, life-and-death.

I remember my mind thinking in silence, as I thought about God’s creative ability. He created everything “Ex Nihilo” Latin for, OUT OF NOTHING. I also remember in my young mind thinking this is the God that I need to know. Because I had never heard of such creative power up to that point. I remember thinking of an old saying in Christianity that goes like this., “When you know, you know.” I remember also feeling what this means, and that is, when “God, Through his Holy Spirit gets ahold of you and puts something in you, no one can ever take it away from you.” Because “you know that you know.” That’s why there are so many martyrs through Christian history, that we’re willing to go to their death, for what they believed in. Please remember, that baby Jesus arriving on earth was not his “beginning of existence” in this world ( beginning life on earth and then going to heaven at His death and resurrection) Jesus, pre-existed in heaven, part of the Trinity as, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Frankie The Earthman.

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