You may be asking,What in the world does Frankie mean by “THE BIG ONE IS UPON US?”

Well, obviously, I want you to think about this statement. I’m thinking of ancient history, “ancient biblical history.” I’m also thinking of prophecy that is continually unfolding. I’m thinking about “this” generation and the “PARABLE OF THE Budding FIG TREE.”(Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21.) Are you with me so far?

Paraphrasing and briefly, I will say, in”The Parable of The Fig Tree” ( A certain generation will not die off until certain “end time prophecies” are fulfilled.

The parable of the “budding fig tree” foretells of the Jews being gathered from around the world, back to Israel, as Israel *became (*budded) into a nation in 1948. So if we apply Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 and “that generation mentioned.” in the verses of Matthew 24, prior to verse 34; We find the coming calamity known as the “tribulation” and the “great tribulation period.” We also find the prophecy that “This generation will not pass away until all is fulfilled.” Let’s do some math ( without being “date setters”) Scripture teaches us that a generation can be either a 40, 70, or 120 year period of time. If we add 120 years to 1948 where do we arrive? We arrive at 2068. Then, 70 + 1948 = 2018, which has come and gone. Again, I’m not a date setter, but we can discern the seasons. If the “parable of the budding fig tree” is true,and I believe it is, The Big One is upon us.

So,back to my title, The big one is upon us. “What am I really saying?” I am asking you to take special notice of the “spirit of lawlessness” that is taking place in our world. I’m also asking you to discern what and WHO is actually “on trial”, and why is there so much conflict. The ancient battle between good and evil, God and the devil, is coming to a prophesied culmination. Now listen carefully, I want you to receive this “revelation knowledge.” Here is why we have all the trouble. GOD IS ON TRIAL, TRUTH IS ON TRIAL, BELIEVERS ARE ON TRIAL, DEFENDING OURSELVES IS ON TRIAL, FREEDOM IS ON TRIAL, The Constitution is on trial, every right that you have known and loved as an American is on trial. Law and order are on trial. Our military is on trial, our “national identity” is on trial. Our educational system in America and the freedom that we have always enjoyed regarding educating our children is on trial. Do I need to go on? This spirit of lawlessness is mainly being manifested through the Democratic Party. The Republicans are not innocent by any means.

I personally believe that the spirit of division that has been loosed on America and the world, is part of a demonic plan schemed up by the devil and his minions. People have to be made to feel desperate, the “powers that be” want to push us to helplessness so that we have to depend on the government, which wants to be our God. What “they” are really doing, is trying to set up a global system that will usher in Satan, known as the Antichrist. Think about it … This is one of the reasons that there was, is, such a wild attack on Donald Trump and his nationalistic stand. The “new world order, agenda 2030, the climate alarmists and their agenda”, the Covid “plandemic”, are all birth pangs of the coming tribulation. SO THE BIG ONE IS UPON US, and I believe God will stand up saying, ” “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, AND HE WILL INTERVENE THROUGH THE SECOND COMING OF HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST. THEN, THE WORLD AND THIS DEMONIC SYSTEM AND ALL SATANS FOLLOWERS WILL BE ON TRIAL.

Finally, we have come full circle as a race from the garden of Eden. What I mean by that is, Satan is asking us modern-day folk the same questions that he asked Adam Eve back in the garden. Through our current court systems and government, Satan is challenging God at every turn, ie: Has God said that “you can only do this, that, or the other?” ( paraphrased) Satan is again claiming THAT “GOD, THROUGH RULES IS HOLDING HUMANITY BACK, withholding something from us (our eyes could be open, knowing good and evil, like God) [I WOULD SAY God was / is trying to keep us from death, both, back in the garden, and is doing so now.] Yet, we don’t really get it, we are slow and dull for the most part … Satan is saying again that we can be like GOD, THAT WE CAN BE AS GODS. Human nature hasn’t changed, not one iota. Human beings “in this fallen state” are inclined to do evil. I personally believe that if Jesus were to return today, he would be crucified again. We still haven’t learned to separate law-abiding citizens from criminals. It seems criminals and aliens have the support of our government and court systems, it is all part of the big plan. All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

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