Brown, shades of Brown, Black, Kiwi Shoe Polish rich Black. Yellow. White. What is the true color of racism? In my humble opinion, I would say that it is Blue. DEMOCRAT BLEEDING HEART controlling BLUE. I would also say that this Blue has a Brown band around it, a Yellow band, and a White band. I’m sure you know the symbolic meaning of each. One thing we have to ask ourselves about the Biden presidency is, “why are illegal aliens given access to this country and its wealth, over our veterans, white people, African Americans, and Asians, that already live here?” I would submit that part of the answer is the Biden administration views all mentioned as disposable and replaceable. Donald Trump was right when he said, “They aren’t necessarily coming for me, they are coming for you.” Coming for the likes of commoners like me and you. I don’t mean commoners in any derogatory sense.

As horrible as it is to relive and think about, I was thinking of George Floyd’s death. I’m thinking of the hatred and the further division that occurred and is occurring in this country. Symbolically, the cops that handled George Floyd are symbolic of the Democratic Party’s handling of black people in general. (Knee on their necks) If the Democratic Party can’t keep the blacks under their thumb, dependent on the government, they don’t have a party.This is also just my opinion. When are the politicians, the media, other contrary idiots going to acknowledge the ongoing problem of “black on black murders” in our major cities? I say, NEVER. Black people’s lives, ( like all colors) are just part of the political chess game going on. Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave saying, “how long O Lord, how long.”

Have you ever noticed how our well-dressed, “smooth criminal politicians”, always bring up the crime, destruction, and death in our inner cities across America, usually about two months before election time? Then after the election, we don’t hear much. This has been going on for over fifty years with the Democratic Party. It has also been going on with Republicans to a certain degree. They have their own agenda. Frankie The Earthman.

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