The human condition including the physical and spiritual can be very mysterious. The human experience concerning interaction with God our creator can be very mysterious also. I believe there are two main aspects to our walk with God. One is “position or standing in God”,the other is “fellowship” In other words we can be positionally acceptable to God by our faith in him, and yet lack ultimate fellowship because of things we might be doing to offend him. Let’s say that a little bit differently. It’s almost as if God could possibly be saying he “loves us” but he might not “like us” or “what we are doing” and that is a bit of a hindrance to him. Having said that, God has been working with the imperfect from the beginning.( This is part of the mystery.) I’m trying to ascend from my finite time, matter and space mind, to the infinite omniscient God, and the right words are simply not available to adequately propose.

So, having stated the above, let’s take a look at the nation of Israel as we talk about “the nation” itself, and her people falling in-and-out of (relationship, fellowship) with God. The Old Testament is full of stories about the nation of Israel and her people, being in “correct / obedient” and “incorrect / disobedient” relationship with YHWH ( pronounced, YAHVEH, GOD ALMIGHTY.)

Based on Biblical history, The cycle I am alluding to goes like this for human beings. Say we start in a crisis, God uses the crisis to bring us to Him. We learn and grow, and become satisfied in our salvation experience relationship and fellowship with God. We gain material wealth and success, and we are accepted and loved by our friends, possibly attending a local church. We become comfortable in our position in God. Through our being comfortable, blessed, successful, joyful, so and so forth, *we start to fall away from God and tend to get involved in things that do not line up with our new identity in Christ. ( *The flesh rears its ugly head again) Yet, there is a scripture that claims if we are in a relationship with God, “no one or nothing can pluck us out of his hand.” So God could possibly either initiate or allow a crisis to come back into the believer’s life, it could be financial, health-related, spiritual, or other. Then if the person or nation sincerely repents, they get back in the good graces of God, and the cycle begins again. Now, this is not to say that a lot of people don’t maintain a strong, steady, sanctified, relationship, and fellowship with God. Many do. This cycle can be very mysterious. Frankie The Earthman.

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