I guess everyone is aware that Joe Biden is “going under” for a colonoscopy today at some point. “Hold on a minute, I just got an update on the news.” The doctor who performed the colonoscopy has said “an amazing discovery has been made “concerning Joe Biden’s brain.” Wait for it, bam! … Joe Biden’s brain has been found lodged in his colon, with strands of caramel in it. The doctor went on to say, he had never seen anything like this. He added that he was very suspicious of Joe’s ” blank expression and confusion” during their talk before the operation. He then added that while Joe Biden was under sedation, he was mumbling stories about somebody named “Corn pop.”

It seems Joe Biden is still under anesthesia, and they must consult his wife, to ask her if she wants them to put his brain back in his head. No surprise, when Joe’s colleagues in Washington DC learned of this discovery, most of them laughed and one Senator commented, “well you know Joe always did have his head up his ass, I guess his brain fell out.” Frankie The Earthman.

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