Do world views and belief systems have an effect on a person’s behavior, happiness, outlook, general disposition and decision making?

What are the factors that determine a person’s worldview and belief system? I suggest that the main determining factors of anyone’s worldview and belief system are as follows: #1 — A person’s genetic line — #2 — Ethnicity. # 3 — Family influence, safety, environment, and teachings. #4 — Social class born into, ie: Upper, middle, lower class, slave. #5 Educcation level achieved. # 6 — Personal looks, beautiful, average, ugly.

The following is of extreme importance as we look at the origins of the conflict. Our world today likes to use the term “root cause” for problem-solving, so keep the terminology in mind as we discuss this matter. The following account is of ancient Middle Eastern origin, specifically the birth of the struggle between Arabs and Jews, as they are known today.

Reference Genesis 17. I will paraphrase and summarize.

This is the story of Abraham, his wife Sarah, and his concubine Hagar. God had made certain promises to Abraham concerning blessing Abraham’s seed. The promised son from God to Abraham seemed to be behind schedule. Both Abraham and Sarah were getting extremely old, and seemingly beyond childbearing ages. Sarah recommended to Abraham that he “Go into Hagar” ( have sex ) to provide a son. This happened and Ishmael was born. After the birth of Ishmael, God followed through with His “promise” and gave Abraham and Sarah a son, who was named Isaac. Jealousy and bitterness developed between Sarah and Hagar and Sarah condemned Hagar and Ishmael and sent them on their way. So until this day we have the struggle between Arabs and Jews. Isaac was the blessed “promised son” of Abraham i.e.– the Jews. Ishmael was born of the “flesh and rebellion” on Abraham and Sarah’s part. Through Hagar they bore the “son of disobedience” Ishmael who was ( as I said ) born of the / “their” flesh.

See, this struggle’s origin was a family affair in antiquity and is manifesting until today, and beyond. The modern-day offspring are Arab Palestinians, and mainly Israeli Jews. They are still fighting over land and who should have the original blessing. The Palestinians are not rightfully entitled owners of Mount Zion and / or Jerusalem.

So, the story of Isaac and Ishmael is extreme, but nevertheless true. It shows the importance of what any person’s perspective is depending on so many factors, including but not limited to family history, worldview, belief systems, and the like.

To bring this matter up to modern-day terminology. We would have to ask; do you believe in the Big Bang theory, the randomness, and the chaos of everything?, Do you believe in intelligent design accomplished by an intelligent designer i.e. God? Have you been indoctrinated to think that climate change is the biggest issue facing mankind? Because if you have, you better get off of it. It is a deceptive distraction by the radical left to keep us from focusing on the real problems that face humanity. As far as America goes, American Marxism is here. Seems to me, one of the things that is a little bit difficult to figure out, is what will the United States role be in end time events? My whole point is that under Joe Biden our role would be one way… under someone like Donald Trump or Desantis of Florida, it would be another way. So I hope you see my point, that worldview and belief systems do have origins and importance. This post written in its entirety by Frankie The Earthman.

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