Somewhere, sometime, long ago during my college readings, I came across a phrase pertaining to the art and science of poetry: “minimalism without obfuscation. “I cringed at the inherent pedantry of the words but like the pithy nature of its simple message. I’ve applied that notion to my friend and personal fishmonger, Coy Payton, ( Frankie The Earthman) because his work suggests he honors its tenet. Self-taught, ( a student of Liberty University, Frankie’s favorite area of study was/is Hebrew Archeology and History) Payton’s words and line structure contains inherent rhythms and cadence which adhere to the essence of poesy, if not the strict traditions of rhyme and meter. Indeed it is poetry because his images live, move, soar or plod, all in time to a natural meter, an intrinsic heartbeat. Coy attributes his learning to write to his love of literature. Frankie is known to be a lifetime student. Some of his studies can be pleasantly intense and engaging, please digest slowly. The numerous biblical studies in his lessons, research, and writing, come from his extreme interest in “Why Do People ( earthlings) “believe as they do”, and what are the many factors that contribute to “belief systems.”

“On the threshold of a word, the poet assumes the form of a bird, realizing wings and eyes so keen, he flies in the face of gravity.” From his poem “Gathering Words.” Foreword by James L. Young, Runnymede, Marshall, Virginia. Comments by Frankie for informational purposes, after the unfortunate death of Jimmy Young. Some references may be found to Frankie’s original “experimental work” titled: Inner Skies–Naked Page — which was mainly a book of early poetry.

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