I had a dream about the great Jimi Hendrix. I was standing, looking at his grave, suddenly the ground split open and there stood Jimi with his guitar, in all of his rainbow bridge, tie-dyed psychedelic glory. He said, “So you’re Frankie the Earthman? ” I replied, ” Yes I am, Jimi.” Jimi continued,”I have a message I need you to pass on.” I said, “just say it, Jimi.”… He began to pick his guitar as he sang …

If you can just get your mind together — Then come on across to me. We’ll hold hands and then we’ll watch the sunrise from the bottom of the sea, But first — Are you experienced?… Ah, have you been experienced? … Well, I have. I know, I know, you’ll probably scream n’ cry, that your little world won’t let you go, but who in your measly little world are you trying to prove that you’re made out of gold and– can’t be sold. So — er, are you experienced? ah, have you ever been experienced? well, I have — let me prove it to you– Jimi plays a gnarly guitar rif, then finishes the song — Trumpets and violins, I can hear in the distance — I think they’re calling our names — Maybe now you can’t hear them, but you will, if you just take hold of my hand. Ah, but are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.

After Jimi finished his song, he looked at me and said, “Frankie, Jim Morrison and I spend a lot of time together, Jim just recently said to me, talking about today’s “gone mad culture”, he said, “You know, Jimi, people like you and me tried to warn society back in the sixties, but it seems those in power were bent on destruction, just like today.” Hendrix replied, ” I really had a secret desire to check out early, I really couldn’t take any more.” Jim said, “me too.”… Then I woke up … what a dream! … Frankie The Earthman.


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