MOST WILL DISAGREE, but all might be surprised with my answer. Where to begin? It seems not too long ago, I started down this boulevard of thought with my dog Aja, then my son Ari’el, (13 years old) my daughter Lauren, ( 48 years old) my wife Mizuho, ( 48 yeas old) all in relationship to me, Frankie ( 67 years young) , Frankie The Earthman.

So, what could possibly be more important, thrilling, narcissistic, self absorbed, valuable, blah blah blah, than fame and fortune? .. What could be more fulfilling than a “gone viral selfie?”

I will tell you what I believe is more important, EVERYTHING … Every GOOD THING OTHER THAN ELUSIVE, DECEPTIVE, SOMETIMES CRIPPLING, STRIPPING, DISABLING, fame and fortune. Have I lost my mind? … Or have I found it? … What in the world could Frankie The Earthman mean this time?

LET ME SEE if I can ‘word out’ this subtle, abstract feeling of “what’s really important, or should be important, IMHO. As I address our societies “obsession with celebrity, fame, and fortune.” Our, “vain, hey everybody, look at me culture.”

THIS altered state of mind BEGAN in our bedroom, TV going, volume low, reading, and posting to my WordPress blog. It was a typical evening for me and Aja our dog. Then awareness creeped in. Aja was lying comfortably within arms reach on the bed, her head placed in between her paws, like dogs do.

She was staring at me as she usually does. She has a heart of gold and is one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever been around. I had been scrolling around on the phone for quite awhile, when Aja rolled over on her back wagging her tail, a pose of complete submission. She looked at me with those gorgeous reddish colored eyes as if to say, “Do you have any idea of how much I need and love you?” “Is that phone, and your near constant, either reading or writing on that phone and books more important than me? I won’t be around forever, don’t you know?”

The emotion that came over me, the accompanying guilt was horrible. Seems I have always been very sensitive and responsive to a dog wagging its tail, I am totally fascinated with their unconditional love. And I truly must say, what a different world we would have if we humans were half as loyal and loving to each other, as dogs are to us.

So, this is getting to be a lengthy post. I will say a few more things and maybe pick this subject up again later, ( talking about my wife, daughter, and son.) I seem to be concerned more with quiet, peace, and calm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I listen to music and I like it loud sometimes. I like a stiff drink or three, but I’m not a slobbering drunk. It’s that my preferred state of mind is quietness. Silence is one of the most beautiful sounds, I’ve ever heard. In closing, for now, I don’t think that fame and fortune would be that satisfying, ( unless controlled and kept in perspective.) It does not appear so satisfying to many of the Hollywood elite. It seems to me that there is a lot of domestic violence, drug, and alcohol abuse, among the rich and famous, seems to me, there is a lot of time spent in rehabilitation services. I would hate to live under the pressure of my peace and happiness being dependent on the success of my next song, movie, or other. I guess I’m just really into the subtle pleasures and joys of life. Frankie The Earthman. More later maybe. Also, I love the comforts of life that money can bring. However, I don’t like being possessed, choked, consumed, controlled, and obsessed by/with them. Frankie The Earthman.

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