THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDERS, CANCELING VIRTUALLY everything the Trump administration had accomplished to MAKE, and more than likely keep “America Great Again” has been “trashed by the Dems ( including some Republicans) and and the “progressive regressive Communist Jihadists, enslaving the Biden administration.” This lawlessness and slavery is just passed down to most of us.

Generally speaking, the left is screaming at the top of their lungs that American’s, white, yellow, or whatever color are extreme racists. They have been using this worn-out weapon for decades. The duping and fooling of black people and others all along the way.

Now, what about this almost “unseen new form of slavery” that has been put forth by the democrats and the Biden administration? The Democrats, through their neglect of our Southern Border, and unwilling to tell the truth about the infrastructure bill and the inflation it will lead to; has ENSLAVED AMERICANS TO THIS FORM OF SLAVERY. These are only two examples. The Covid “PlANDEMIC”… The hard left’s call for prison reform, that is releasing deadly criminals into the streets of America. Tell me how someone has a 50 page “felonies included” wrap sheet, and the bail is set for $1000 and then $500. ie: 39 yr old Mr. Brooks.

Further, Americans are being enslaved by exorbitant food prices, exorbitant gas prices, and then wonderful Joe Biden gets on TV and says that he’s gonna round up 50 million barrels of oil, which is about enough for 2 and 1/2 days in America …Whoopie Joe! is this gonna be your big success story? … Your bandaid on cancer? You’re closing of pipelines because of your hatred of Donald Trump? This is almost as big a success story as our success in Afghanistan; and the miracle of our borders being closed … ( smirk) … It’s old news, but the Department of Justice and our Court Systems are weaponized, the FBI is weaponized, the Prison Systems are corrupt and weaponized. Whether anyone cares to “see” or acknowledge it or not, a lot of this “slavery” was brought about by Barack Obama and his lackey Joe “Button” and his lackey Kamala Harris. Thank God, for Mark R. Levin, and his now ten-week best seller, AMERICAN MARXISM.

Friends this is really simple, and heart-wrenching, we have a potential fraudulent election, in the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I believe America will wake up to the history of “this” being factual. The democrat’s obvious goal is to destroy America. Somebody tell me one little thing that the Joe Biden administration has done for the betterment of America? … He’s not the great uniter, “he’s the Great Divider and Slavemaster. Don’t we know that Kamala Harris’s popularity numbers are so low because America is racist, as she’s of dark skin … TOTAL B.S. FRANKIE The Earthman.

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