THE REALITY OF THE LEFTS SATANIC AGENDA … “You have the right to bear arms, but don’t you dare use them to protect yourself.” What is left for us conservative, God-fearing, patriots? The current administration, its underlings, and its agenda want to defund the police and prosecute those who defend themselves. Example: The Rittenhouse trial. According to the Satanic left, “Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremist because he didn’t let the rioters smash his face into the pavement, steal his weapon and fill him full of lead. WTF?

Lawlessness is rampant, in the world and America. Friends, I am really troubled to report that I don’t believe things are going to get better, we, (America) are on the decline.( IMHO, divine intervention is our only hope) China, (by what I believe to be God’s permissive and perfect will, through the Biden administration’s help) is on the increase, to be the dominant world power. Friends, “We struggle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.” One of the high places and high dark powers are our supposed representatives in Washington DC. A second dark high power is the Media. A third power and one of the “manipulator controllers” is George Soros and his money and family. It is my personal suspicion that state governors, court systems, judges, are all being bought and paid for with big-time Soros cash. Many are being paid with cash for the progression of the deep state agenda. I also believe that George Soros and his money are behind a lot of the planning and activity of illegal aliens, drugs, human trafficking, crossing into the United States at the Southern border.

So, whose body is Satan occupying? He is not occupying anybody’s body at present, but he is waiting in the wings. His spirit is manifesting in the leaders of the global movement in America and across the world. Unfortunately whoever is against the advancement of the globalists, “we are doomed climate agenda,” and all the other bullshit that goes with it, are treated as insurrectionist criminals.

Note: There are good God-fearing people on both sides of this issue. The issue is whether Satan will appear taking control of “a willing human body” or will he manifest in one of his many forms “as his self?”) ie: The Serpent, Abaddon, Apollyon, Lucifer, an Angel of Light, etc.

Friends, I plead with you to study God’s word regarding the coming Tribulation. The period we are in or entering is very tricky. It is so tricky that even those that believe can quite possibly be led astray and deceived. So I want to ask you where does that leave those of us that don’t believe? Frankie The Earthman.

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