LET’S GET TO IT. TO MANIPULATE …TO CNTROL — First — DECONSTRUCT … SECNOND–REWRITE HISTORY, CHANGE HISTORY … In America’s case, erase or rewrite the fact that we were founded with God’s help, guidance and leadership. Our very Constitution is based on scripture. The “Mayflower Compact” was written to do away with tyranny and introduce, WE THE PEOPLE AS A THEME OF GOVERNMENT.

After “Deconstruction”, the masses must be “neutralized” by erasing or rewriting history, so that the masses don’t know where they came from. One Example: Millenialists, in general. ( Third, then we can indoctrinate, persuade, and sell the “bill of goods”, which is Marxism / Communism/ Sharia Law, Climate Change, Open Borders, etc. The younger we start the indoctrination process, the better.

I sincerely believe that in our current situation “population control” is a big part of the Democrat agenda. Covid is the weaponized tool. China, in cahoots with some in the American government and others, is probably the main perpetrators and initiators ( Wuhan origination?) … In my humble opinion, the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, the CDC the WHO, Globalists, Joe “Button” and his administration … Many behind a wall of government protection, have sold America out. Concluding, if we don’t stand up to the government telling us what we “must put in our bodies” like vaccines, allowing this almost blindly, because someone in power says so, then what will we NOT allow the POWERS THAT BE to do TO US? (Over the loudspeaker at the gathering points, we hear) Everybody relax, everything’s OK, just get in the Box Cars, we’re going for a nice ride.) “We have some special showers arranged for your health and comfort.” Frankie The Earthman.

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