How long will the democrats ride the “mask mandate donkey?” How wide, deep, long-winded and invasive is the “plandemic?” … The new mandates popping up across the country are just reminders from the powers over us, that the masses will buckle and give in if “they” keep applying the pressure, and keep telling the lies. What’s next? … round us up with the electric cattle prods, and hit us in the head with a sledgehammer? … while the last thing that you hear (being the lower animal that you are according to the democrats) is “take that you common sons of bitches.” “Shut up, get on the train, it will all be over before you can say, shoot me in the back of my head, bulldoze me into the massive hole, and throw some lime on me.” If you think this is a bit crude and strong for me to spell out for you, you don’t know history, and you can’t acknowledge the dark hate-filled hearts that reside in some humans. Also, know this, somebody recently said, “history repeats itself.” The reply was, “no, human nature repeats itself.”

Post Script: If the shoe fits wear it. To all of you marshmallow pink bellied, love, love, love Christians, sometimes God’s people are called to be “confrontational,” and not welcome every ideology in this deceived world into the Churches because you don’t want to offend anyone and keep the peace, you better wake up. If you think that same-sex marriage and homosexuality “all of a sudden” became acceptable to God, then you are either weak, or you don’t understand God’s word, this is an abomination to Him. We are in a spiritual battle, the prize is human souls. If a lot of you are OK with spending eternity separate from God, then have at it … and good luck. In case you didn’t know, we are in a “post-modern” culture and society. Postmodernism means that there is “no absolute truth” for people to be held accountable. If you want to be prepared for an eternity of misery, then perhaps you will enjoy fighting in the streets of our major cities in the Civil War and worse, that is surely coming. Study the term–TRIBULATION! … Frankie The Earthman. … TIME TO STAND. You need to think about it this way, if I didn’t “give a damn”, I wouldn’t say anything.

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