What am I talking about? … Agendas, Censorship, Our Government, the arrival and establishment of American Marxism, population control, Bill Gates, the Nazi shit ass Anthony Fauci, Covid 19, Big Tech, Big Pharma, The Chinese Government, Facebook, Twitter Censorship, The bought and paid for, ( probably by George Soros and other America Haters) Lying Snake Media, The traitor and card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood Barack Obama, and his swingin’ penis packin’ man wife Michael Michelle Robinson Obama, and their “rented children”, also ass sniffer Joe Biden, his useless vice president Kamala Harris, lying twat Jen Psaki, “the demonic ‘beeoch’ that will never get over losing to Donald Trump and shut the hell up Hillary Clinton”… the “dead in the water” Congress and Senate, whose only role seems to be “holding hearings” (showboating) and then doing nothing at the taxpayer’s expense, Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, that claims Covid-19 vaccines were turned into an “experiment” and can hardly be called a vaccine, ( Google — “Covid Revealed”, Malone also states, “there is no way the covid vaccine could be fully developed “for safety” in nine or ten months, and that it actually takes ten years plus to efficiently research (and I realize this is not a new revelation).

Here is what I believe to be a simple truth, the whole Covid lie is part of the bigger agenda of the globalists, the tree-hugging climate-change lunatics, Agenda 2030, the NWO, the Communists, like Bernie Sanders, “the squad of five” and God knows how many others raising hell behind the curtain, the Biden administrations efforts to get us completely off of fossil fuel at a time when we desperately need it, numbskull idiot Joe believes that this “weaning” can be done overnight. He is nothing but a puppet. Joe, you are sold out to the Chinese, you need to get control of the Border, reinstate all of Trump’s policies, quit your lying, ( just tell the truth every now and again for the hell of it ), the needed eye-opening awareness across America, to the proclaimed truth by experts ( without the Bill Gates Anthony Fauci double talk) of the known reality that “the Covid 19 experimental vaccine does not work”, it does not prevent the spread of covid-19. In fact, getting vaccinated enhances the spread, and has even been called a super spreader, it is also known by the same experts that we can wear masks until the cows come home, and it’s not going to stop a damn thing. If you read and understand what Dr. Malone is revealing, you will find in his educated apparently “no agenda-driven assessment”, the virus cannot be controlled and the vaccines do not work. Research for yourself, TRUTH IS A “hard to come by commodity” in this world of misinformation. Finally, some of you may be offended by some of my language, so I must say that I learned a long time ago to talk in a language that people will respond to, and a lot of times that has to be “common, low” Street Language. Yes, those of you that know me, know that I am a Christian. God loves me warts and all, and some of you are going to have to learn that sometimes, Christians have to rise and be confrontational. ( fight fire with fire) If you want to have our Constitution and all of your inalienable rights completely taken away from you, keep sitting in the church pews and surrounding yourself with those of like apathy, not reaching out to those that need to hear a strong message. I believe John Lennon was wrong, “All You Need Is Love.” is a pipe dream. Frankie The Earthman. Volume 1 of a series of E-Books, ( my life’s work) is to be released very soon.

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