OK, from a conservative independent view, ( I no longer call myself a Republican, because I believe “they” are part of the “good old boys club” that has been lying, like the democrats, forever.) the “good old boys club” between Democrats and Republicans is obvious. It is extremely easy for a conservative to view Joe Biden’s policies, presidency, and administration, as “judge, jury, and executioner, for the American way.” Yet, he is a pawn but doesn’t know it.

Here is some “revelation knowledge” for you, and what Joe Biden, could not begin to understand. There is a bigger picture, a bigger picture for humanity and these “END TIMES” ( DO YOU THINK THIS LAWLESSNESS WILL BE ALLOWED TO GO ON FOREVER?)

There is a scripture ( paraphrased here) that God “puts or allows certain people to gain power and he can take them out of power.” History is full of these stories. Reference Daniel 2:21. God has used and uses “all things together for good to those that love him”, good kings, bad kings, good presidents, bad presidents, it’s all very mysterious. God allowed Donald Trump to be president as part of His perfect will. At least Donald Trump put America first and made the country better and safer. Unfortunately, yet in God’s “permissive will”, He allowed the Russian collusion hoax and other things to eventually bring Donald Trump down. Of course, there is much more than what I have just mentioned to Trump’s ousting. It could be that God allowed a fraudulent election of Biden to take place, to position America in a period of judgment; hoping to return “us” to our countries foundation and “first love”, which is God and His Son. Remember, and this is important, we kicked God out of the schools in the sixties, and “secular humanism” took root, and has grown since. ( Google, “secular humanism” if you don’t know what it means) Then, in the seventies, we have Roe vs Wade, a very bad decision by the Supreme Court, which made abortion legal, and responsible for between 60 and 70 million babies being murdered; under the selfish argument of women, that they have a “right to do what they want with their bodies.” That attitude in my opinion is straight out of hell. What if their mother had aborted them? … what if my mom had aborted me?… your mother you? How many Lincoln’s, Kennedy’s, and Einstein’s were amongst the 60 to 70 million aborted babies? How many lost visions and answers to complex problems facing humanity,? I have some news that many of you may not be aware of, all those aborted babies had souls, and when they were murdered, their spirits went back into the presence of God and have consciousness, just as surely as I write this. They are in paradise. Ref: Luke 16. ( the story of the rich man and Lazarus and how there is consciousness and awareness of where you are in paradise, after you go “the way of the Earth.” We all have parts in the play of life. Donald Trump was a type of Cyrus. Joe Biden is a pawn. Some are on the right side of history and some are on the wrong. … Frankie The Earthman.

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