Oxymoron — Democrats & Sound Economic Policy– just imagine most any democrat talking about solid economics … “they” just don’t make any sense, “they” just don’t get it, or they get it, but just don’t care, or “power at the expense of all or most.”

The apparent “clarion call” of all democrats to Americans is — “Elect me, though I lie, fudge up everything I touch, and like the devil, mix enough half truths with my non- stop lying to confuse most.

So, how do we survive Joe Biden? Well, we have many possible scenarios: Wait for Joe Biden to develop a debilitating illness. Wait for Joe to just fall over dead. Hope that God is satisfied with this “judgment phase” that we are in, and extends His mighty arm and intervenes. Hope that God is satisfied with the ten months punishment that has manifested through Joe Biden’s presidency and his neglect of virtually everything. Hope that God will overlook America’s half-hearted repentance over kicking Him out of the schools in the 60s … and 60 to 70 million abortions since Roe versus Wade in 1973. And let’s see if in “His perfect will”, He allows a person with half of a functioning brain to assume the role of the Presidency Of The United States Of America … UNTIL THEN, WE COULD POSSIBLY SURVIVE. FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN.

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