God is in control, having given us life, there are only two options. The first option is to accept his plan and receive eternal life with Him. ( I’m not a candidate) The second option is to reject his plan and live an eternal life without him separated in hell. Either way, because God is an eternal spirit and we “Are Made In His Image”, our spirits will live forever. The question is whether exist with God or without him. As for me, I would like a third option which I know I can’t have. My third choice would be either to have never existed, or to be able to convince “God to Snuff Me Out Completely” as if I never lived. No eternal damnation and no eternal bliss, just nothingness. NOT TO BE, (NIHILISM) as Shakespeare so brilliantly penned. I really want this to be my last post, we shall see. I wish I had never written a single word, ever. Looking for my last exit. Frankie The Walking Dead Man. I hate myself. Nobody’s fault but mine.

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