THE MODERN PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGICAL UNDERPINNINGS began in the Marxist womb. Sorry to report that we have a decades-long process of indoctrination and manipulation throughout culture and government. And as you might guess, it has taken its toll. Successive generations have left allegiance to the nation’s founding and ideals, celebrating a free civil society, successive generations of students are taught disdain for their government, its history, and its founding, and are encouraged to renounce it. Many parents are appalled to learn what their children are learning at government-mandated schools. They are shocked to find the departure of the schools from everything that has been traditionally taught at home. Reference: Mark Levin’s book — AMERICAN MARXISM, PGS. 54- 55, (paraphrased.)

HERE IS WHAT IS ALARMING: As the progressive control over education, the culture, and society began taking hold, in 1948, University of Chicago professor Richard M Weaver in his book, Ideas Have Consequences, warned that education and civil society we’re crumbling. ( Friends, THIS WAS 1948!, AGAIN,1948, not 1998 or 2008, 1948! REF: AMERICAN Marxism — Mark Levin’s book, pgs 55 & 56… TO BE CONTINUED, FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN.

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