In my humble opinion, everyone should take notice of Mr. “Freedom”, Mr. Enes Kanter Freedom. This man from Turkey became an American citizen just yesterday, I believe. All citizens and illegals, and anyone else who claim to care about America, should have a good listen to what he says. One of the most beautiful important things he said was that “America gave him a home.” This man still has family in Turkey, he and his family need our prayers. In my humble opinion, this man is a perfect example of how anyone who gets the opportunity to live in this country should be thankful, and raise their hands in praise to God. What needs to be learned is that America has helped the world and is basically a good-natured country. Yes we have in America, our share of ugly, God hating, lawlessness loving, mean-spirited, Satan worshipping people. If you think my language is a little bit strong, you are spiritually dead, sorry about that. Unfortunately, we have to deal with Communism running rampant, the infiltration can be seen in Congress, the Senate, and the White House. Muslim Jihadists are in a caliphate and have declared Holy War against the United States and Israel a long time ago, we need to get with the “Freedom” program. And the best uncle Joe Biden can come up with is, “don’t panic, just go get a shot and you’ll be okay.”… SHOTS ARE THE NEW NORMAL” SEZ UNCLE JOE, FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN SEZ, “LIKE HELL THEY ARE!” … FRANKIE.

“I would rather starve than eat Uncle Joe’s bread.” Pearl Jam lyrics, slightly altered. Thank you, Eddie Vetter.

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