Graduating from high school in 1973, I recall an era of partying and what was commonplace at least in my large “Circle of Friends”. Most of the people that I ran with “partied pretty hard” with alcohol and other “things that will not be named, “things” that were commonly and readily available. My justification for participating in certain “things” during those times, centered around my attitude that said, “life is an adventure and I’m going to experiment and enjoy it, hopefully.” Most of it was enjoyable and hilarious at times. “We” were young and dumb and fairly extreme risk-takers.

My having set the backdrop of my own early life to use comparatively, to what is going on now in our culture, society, government, etc.

I don’t remember people (friends) being so mean-spirited. I don’t remember not being able to joke about race or anything else. It was a given that we all understood who was white, who was black who was yellow, and who was visiting from “other planets”, ( smirk). I don’t remember being “canceled”, or even mistreated if I had a different political view than my best friends. And I don’t remember canceling them either. Two of my best childhood friends were people that I really cared, and still care about; I will call them M.W. & D.W. , (they know who they are), M and D had an American father and a Korean mother. I was always welcome in their home and our friendship was a lot of learning and fun. They knew they were welcome at my home also. So as we used to say I think you “catch my drift.”

So where pray tell am I going with this? … let’s go... long story short we used to party to escape for a while from the pressures of life. Here is the difference between what we were doing then and what is going on now. Yes, we wanted to “reschedule, and escape reality for a while.” Yet, we also knew when it was time for the party to be over, and return to school or our jobs, for the most part. “Back to reality” we used to say. What I see going on today out of our government, our news media, Hollywood, Social Media, and near all communication (coming mainly from “Progressive Radical Left Socialists.”) is this: These mentioned and many others seem to create their own little “The way I think the world and all people should be, bubble universe.” Many, having no “absolute truth” are wreaking havoc on our “post modern” America. Lying seems to be okay, lawlessness seems to be okay, stolen elections seem to be okay, the blame game seems to be okay, well IMHO, none of these are okay. Look around, what do you see? … Isn’t it obvious the train is going over the cliff?

We must understand that Russia and China want to see the decline of America. We must also understand that Joe Biden and Friends are sold out to at least the Chinese. We no longer have a “We The People representative government.” I grew up eight miles from Washington DC, and I can tell you that most congressmen and senators are well-dressed smooth-talkin’ criminals. It was during the Vietnam era, the late 60s and 70s when the “dope-smoking hippies” figured out that the government was a cesspool of criminals, for the most part. A lot of these congressmen, senators and Presidents had no trouble “conducting a war” they had no intention of winning, and had every intention of getting rich off of. I won’t go into it any further, people should know already. The same congressman and senators and Presidents had no trouble sending 18-year-old young men to their death. I remember Americans needing a nice dose of reality about Viet Nam, which we never really obtained. So from My Front Porch Looking Out, I see that “truth is no longer important or welcome to a lot of people, accountability is no longer important, responsibility is no longer important. These comments are in no way “all people” inclusive. It’s very easy to figure out where people stand, all they have to do is talk for about two minutes, and the prejudice and ugly starts to seep out. The struggle between good and evil, God and the devil, the spirit of the law and lawlessness, the spirit of life and death, has “Humanity” poking its head up out of a hole and trying to figure out what the hell to do next. Do not look to the government or anyone else,you’re going to have to talk to God about this one.

In closing, I remember the people, friends of my youth, pushing and challenging each other, “we”, each of us, for the most part, recognized each other’s talents and faults, “subconsciously learning and growing from them.”. We didn’t cry like a bunch of little babies every time somebody told a joke about us or hurt our feelings, we just kept going; I think we had bigger things on our minds, even though we didn’t show it or act like it at times. I sincerely think (though not judgmentally) that everybody is just too selfish and greedy these days. Remember, according to God, we are an eternal spirit living in a temporary earth suit. Try to grow, think, and live in your higher spiritual self. Frankie The Earthman.

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