Here’s a “good” one … with the Supreme Court considering the banning of Roe v Wade and State restrictions, come the protests by “Freedom of Choice” advocates concerning abortion by screaming “DERIVATION OF LIBERTY”… well what’s the problem ladies? .. Americans are being deprived of every other Liberty that we have been provided by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. You “freedom of choice folks” stand idly by and watch the world burn, while allowing the taking away of our first and second amendment rights, all you care about is your ability to commit murder, under the tent of “your” liberties. I have news for you pink hats, life is a gift from God and should be considered sacred, whether any of you can rise to that level of appreciation and respect or not, don’t bring the sacredness of life down to your low understanding and respect. We have enough problems without you “Karen’s” running up and down the streets of our cities. Frankie The earthman.

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