ALEC BALDWIN– HE SAID, ” I did not pull the trigger.”... So Alec, who pulled the trigger, Casper The Unfriendly Ghost? … oh, wait, let me see “how far down your ‘wrongheadedness road’ have you liberals traveled?

Also, Alec, I must have forgotten that you Hollywood freaks don’t like the truth, “so you live in your delusions, you live in your what you think the world should be a bubble.” Well here’s to popping your weirdo bubble… just an observation Alec, from your extremely puffy eyes, I would imagine you’re not too comfortable with the fantasy you’ve convinced your mind to believe, concerning you’re shooting of another person. Most people would be perfectly fine if you just claimed and believed it was an accident. I don’t like you, but I have a hard time believing you are evil enough to have done this on purpose. GET REAL ALEC, KARMA IS A BITCH. Frankie The Earthman.

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